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Dual optics - your online shop for night vision devices & thermal imaging cameras

Thanks to our decades of experience, we, the Dualoptik team, offer competent specialist advice if you want to buy thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices. We are often even for that available for you outside of our official opening times. This is how we ensure that you are always satisfied with your purchase. Because we know: your thermal imaging or night vision device is an acquisition that you want to use for a long time. It is important that you get a device that is suitable for your project.

Sought-after advice: The origins of Dualoptik lie in a hunting specialty shop. Two years later, our Dualoptik team was still receiving requests for professional thermal imaging cameras and night vision devices. Since word of our service and competence had gotten around and were still in demand, we finally founded Dualoptik. With us you get everything to do with your thermal imaging and night vision devices in brand quality.

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From the thermal imaging camera to the night vision device, you will find high-quality devices and first-class accessories at a particularly attractive offer price.

Versatile: our range of night vision devices & much more

Whether thermal scanner, thermal imaging camera or infrared laser, we at dual optics offer you a wide selection of devices and accessories for optimal visibility day and night. For example, hunters, nature observers, police officers as well as rescue and security services receive night vision devices and many more products from us that are optimally tailored to their requirements. In doing so, we consistently rely on the in our specialized online shop Quality and reliability from brand manufacturers.

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Benefit from comprehensive advice and expertise when making your purchase

Comprehensive, professional and competent: If you want to buy a night vision device, an infrared LED illuminator or a thermal imaging camera from us, then we will take the time for you and your concerns. Because in order to keep track of the multitude of devices and systems, well-founded advice is practically mandatory. For example, does your desired thermal imaging camera fit on your optics? Thanks to our over 20 years of experience we advise you in our Showroom, on the phone and also by e-mail professionally and experienced. In this way, you always get the best device for your purpose from us.

Your industry, our recommendations: thermal imaging camera & Co.

The areas of application of our viewing devices are as varied as our range. Whether forester, security services, military or outdoor enthusiasts: Our night vision devices, thermal imaging attachments & Co. convince customers in numerous areas. Hunters and employees of various authorities in particular have been relying on the quality, selection and service of Dualoptik for a long time.

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Thermal imaging & night vision technology - benefits & areas of application

We are always asked what thermal imaging and night vision devices can be used for: While night vision technology itself has been established in user groups for many years, the benefits or the difference to thermal imaging technology are still new to many.

Thermal imaging technology - ideal for day & night

The great advantage of thermal imaging cameras is that you can use the technology both day and night without damaging the device. Your thermal imaging camera also delivers images in fog, here, for example, the use of a night vision device is impossible due to the weather. But it is also important here that you use your device appropriately. So you should not look at the sun with it or even in open fireplaces.

In thermal imaging, there are devices specifically for detecting heat sources, these are used by the fire brigade, as well as by architects and craftsmen. Then there are thermal imaging devices that are ideal for searching people, in particular these devices are used by the police, special forces, the military and also by rescue services. In the civilian sector, thermal imaging devices are also used by hunters, nature observers, security services and civilians. For hunters, the aspect of game observation and tracking is at the forefront. Security services like to use the monitoring option for large objects. Because in contrast to night vision technology, a person stands out clearly from the environment. With a thermal imaging camera, for example, you can also see a person hiding in the undergrowth with their arms crossed and their head between their legs - with a night vision device it would hardly be possible to distinguish this person from their surroundings.

These advantages of thermal imaging cameras are of course accepted by institutions such as the police and rescue services when searching for people. The use of thermal imaging technology also brings great advantages in the purely civilian area. This allows you to check the surroundings on a camping holiday so that you can quickly spot unwanted figures. You can also monitor large paddocks without having to walk the grounds.

The ever-improving image resolutions now deliver high contrast values, which also enable better and better detailed views. The possibility of image transmission via WiFi to your mobile device and simultaneous recording enable fatigue-free use of the technology and, if necessary, repeated assessment. However, please note the legal regulations in your country.

Night vision technology - so you can see details in the dark

The big advantage of this technique is the visual representation, which allows for clear identification of people and objects, because here you see the actual image - and not just its thermal signature. The correct handling of your night vision device is also important: Never expose your night vision device to light sources or even use it in daylight, as this would damage or even destroy the tube.

With a night vision device, it is difficult to see a person lying quietly in a meadow or a standing wild boar at the edge of the forest, but such a device is ideal for observing individuals in a targeted manner in the dark, for example, and for interpreting their movements.

Thermal imaging cameras & night vision devices - our advice for your choice

As you can see, the strengths of the two technical applications lie in different areas. Therefore, before you buy these devices, think about their intended use. Contact us if you are unsure. We advise you comprehensively in order to find the right thermal imaging or night vision device together with you.

Our individual advice for you

Our individual advice for you